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Spell GmbH offers you two products:

Verpackung moreen


With moreen we offer you a modular, platform-independent solution for the processing of your day-to-day data and document flows. As a result of the generic building-block concept, the functional units can be combined in any way you wish in order to comply with your specific requirements. The configurable interfaces for handling errors – such as differentiated data processing and special messages – are integrated into every functional unit so that subject to appropriate configuration no uncertainty can arise regarding the current status of any given data set.

Areas of application: Automated mass processing of data and documents through to archive migration.

Further information on moreen.

Verpackung Migration-Kit


The Migration Kit is a specialised configuration for moreen which can be used for the migration of small volumes of SAP data and documents. The client only has to carry out a parameterisation (such as connection parameters, the SAP-DOCIDs to be migrated and relevant content-repository allocation). One special property of the Migration Kit is that the migration of SAP documents takes place outside the SAP system and therefore does not put a burden on your ongoing business processes. 

Further information on the Migration Kit.

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moreen Hotline:
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Migration Hotline:
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With moreen we offer you a modular, platform-independent solution for the processing of your daily data and document flows.