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Spell GmbH was founded in 1999 by Keyvan Seiraffi and Thomas Sutor and since then has operated in the field of archiving software. From its very beginnings, Spell made critical contributions to the development of Archive Solutions at Digital Equipment, Compaq and subsequently Hewlett-Packard.

The know-how gained from those projects laid the foundation for our archive-related solutions. And equipped with those skills, Spell was able to expand its partnerships to other engineers of archive software.

In 2002, we concluded our first archive migration with resounding success. In the years that followed, the operational field of Archive Migrations became established as one of our successful corporate business divisions. And using those skills we were able to build bridges between the suppliers of products and the suppliers of solutions and to continuously expand our expertise.

With the BatchArchiver, the predecessor of moreen, we laid the foundation stone in 2004 for the automated mass processing of data and documents.

Our BatchArchiver, which was originally developed as a tool for mass archiving was finally newly developed with the objective of creating a scalable, agent-based and extendable product. Particular attention was given to achieving an extension of the area of application to archive-independent scenarios. moreen is now being used by our clients in a multiplicity of ways for the automated mass processing of data.
moreen is used not only in traditional, archive-related scenarios, but also for the synchronisation of previously used systems, independent of archive applications.

Today we successfully realise projects not only with market-leading archive suppliers such as Open Text (also known as Ixos) and IBM but also with global IT service providers who offer archive services in addition to archive solutions, such as T-Systems. Spell is consequently an established company and sound partner in the field of data logistics.

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With moreen we offer you a modular, platform-independent solution for the processing of your daily data and document flows.